Overland Expo 2010

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Things were so busy last week with the show reception at the Raven on Wednesday night and getting ready for the Overland Expo on Thursday, that I didn’t have a chance to post up. I had to wait for some photography packs from F-Stop Gear to arrive before I could hit the road, and of course, the dirty brown truck didn’t arrive with the goods until 6pm. I crashed out in Tucson and woke up at 5:30am for a fresh start on Friday and made it to Amado, AZ in time to get some shots of the opening ceremonies and unload the F-Stop swag for the photography and video classes (thanks for the help Andrew!)

overland expo opening ceremony

Once I had my bearings and established some contacts things started rolling pretty fast and it dawned on me that this would be one huge event to try and cover. It was no joke that this was much larger than the expo last year in Prescott. A little background: The Overland Expo is an annual gathering of people who are interested in getting out and exploring the world using anything on wheels as their primary mode of transport. There are lots of motorcycles and 4WDs hanging around, both on display at the show and in the campgrounds. In fact, the campground is a show all its own.

overland journal tent|
The Overland Journal safari tent with Land Rover 110 Dormobile, Royal Enfield Bullet, and Thorn expedition bicycle

There are a couple of ways to go: You can get day passes that let you access the main event grounds and attend a variety of presentations, slideshows, and the film festival, or you can sign up for the Overland Experience that also gets you full instructional classes for everything from vehicle skills (riding and driving) to medical, to cargo logistics, to cooking on the road, to photography, and you name it, the list goes on. Oh yea, and on-site happy hours and the BBQ banquet on the last night, too.

winching class
Winching class

saddleback leather
Saddleback Leather and Hannibal Safari in the vendor area

TAD Gear
T.A.D. Gear

Of course, seeing all the overland eye candy and checking out the latest gadgets and gear is great, but I think the best reason to go is for the PEOPLE. Everyone is such a pleasure to talk to and you are guaranteed to meet fascinating travelers with incredible stories. If you need a little dose of faith-restoration in humanity, this is a good place to find it.

world travelers
L to R: Lois Pryce, Austin Vince, Lorraine Chittock, Ted Simon, Guarav Jani

I really enjoyed the venue this year at the Amado Territory Ranch. Quick highway access is available to nearby Green Valley and Tucson (including international flights) and it’s a beautiful location with great weather in the Sonoran desert. I grew up around here so it was comforting to have the familiar sights of the beautiful Santa Rita mountains (with snow still on Mt. Wrightson!) and Elephant Butte looking over us. I’m happy to learn it will be there again next year. I’m looking forward to it.

Amado Territory Ranch
Amado Territory Ranch – home of Overland Expo 2010


Roseann Hanson
Roseann Hanson, OVX mastermind

I must congratulate Roseann Hanson of ConserVentures for a job well done. I’m impressed!

I covered the event for the Overland Expo and F-Stop Gear with three full days of shooting, so if you are looking for media images please contact me.


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